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Universal Trading
Established in 1973, Universal Trading Company the parent company has proved itself to be one of the best known and well-managed business organizations in the United Arab Emirates.
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Universal Trading

Domestic Appliances (Home Appliances)

  • ❖ Parent Company of the Universal Group.
    ❖ Established in 1973.
    ❖ Agencies of renowned companies.
    ❖ Major projects in Trading, Engineering and Sponsorship
    ❖ Extensive distribution network.

    Excellent track record of progress and development Exclusive agencies for internationally known companies and top manufacturers for world class machin- ery and domestic appliances including Industrial heavy equipment, Construction, Agricultural & Oilfield Machinery, Generators, Material handling equipment, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Cookers, Kitchen cabinets and HVACR.

    Prestigious DA Division has developed an excellent track record since 1973. It has exclusive brands for International reputed brands from World renowned companies mainly from European companies. UTC–DA Department is the sole agent and distributor in the UAE for the following brands and companies.

    AEG – Germany brand – Electrolux International Spa – Italy
    Ignis – Italian brand – Interdas Spa – Italy
    Nardi – Electrodomestic – Italy
    Turbo Air – Elica Spa – Italy
    ❖ American Range Cookers, Everest Water Coolers and Chillers – UAE

    AEG signifies Advanced Engineering from Germany. Part of the world′s largest domestic appliances Group – Electrolux Spa. AEG offering outstanding performance, versatility and reliability along with superb aesthetics to enhance domestic decor. AEG products combine the best of the modern design with the latest technology ensure top performance. The brand invokes the core values its has developed since its foundation in 1889. Both free standing and built-in ranges are available in their range of supply. The company has an extensive offices, fully equipped Showrooms, Warehouses, Workshops & Spare parts center in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai.

    Two main Sales sections:
    1. Retail - Showrooms
    2. Projects