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Established in 1973, Universal Trading Company the parent company has proved itself to be one of the best known and well-managed business organizations in the United Arab Emirates.

Fitted Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobes

  • The core Product of Kitchen Division is:


    Brand Made in Germany kitchen cabinets which stand for German quality and are manufactured based on raw materials from environment friendly, sustainable forest management. For over 50 years, Nolte Kitchen has been synonymous with high quality and meticulous craftsmanship made in Germany. With the Kitchen that will give customer lasting pleasure. Moreover we have premium type Express Kitchens - Made in Germany and Wardrobes - Nolte is one of the leading manufacturers of Wardrobes. Main products available: Wooden Fitted cabinets for Kitchens & Pantries, Wardrobes etc.

    Nolte - Express Kitchen Made in Germany

    A New kitchen is for life. Which is why our kitchens have everything that matters. Express Kitchen - Our beautiful designs are based on a cleverly. Planned grid: System 15. Clearly structured lines make planning so much easier, and ensure that the end results are perfect. Our kitchens can be fitted out completely, with ease and to suit your requirements. Practical, organisation systems mean that everything is always in its place. Food preparation and cooking are easy, which means that you can relax more. Whether alone, or with a partner, family or friends. And to make sure that you enjoy it for many years to come, we never compromise in quality. You can rely on our modern production 'made in Germany'. That is what makes our kitchens so valuable and long- lasting. Leaving nothing to be desired.

    Nolte Mobel - Wardrobes

    Endless lifestyle and design ideas.
    Nolte Mobel- Nolte furniture is one of the leading manufacturers of wardrobes and bedroom furniture. The cornerstone was laid in 1955. Its ongoing success is supported by continuous enhancement of of innovative designs and functional concepts. Individual customer wishes are fulfilled by the custom production system. Our accessory system provides extra components that you can fit precisely to the dimensions of your wardrobes and dressing rooms- right down to the centimeter. Practical features make it easier to organise and store your belongings, transforming your wardrobe into a miracle storage space.
    ❖ Sliding Wardrobes
    ❖ Hinged Wardrobes
    ❖ Folding Door Wardrobes
    ❖ Dressing Room Wardrobe system